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Alexandra Diehl

I am a Computer scientist dedicated to Geovisualization,  Geospatial Visual Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Data Science.

During the last years, I've been working on visual analytics for meteorology, visual analytics of Volunteer Geographic Information (VGI) and social media, and on the theoretical foundations of visualization guidelines.

Geospatial Visual Analytics applied to Short-term  Weather Forecasting


Geospatial Visual Analytics applied to Probabilistic  Weather Forecasting

Storm   Tracking Visual Analytics

Social Media Visual Analytics


Current Projects

Visualization  Theory

We are working on the understanding of visualization guidelines based on the principles of Grounded Theory

At the same time, we are running a community project, VisGuides.org, for the discussion, critique, and curation of visualization concepts and guidelines.

Severe  Weather  Visual Analytics based on Citizen Data 

Geospatial visual analytics applied to weather forecasting presents several challenges. Forecasters need to analyze forecasts and make quick decisions on forecasts on a daily basis to avoid, prevent, and alert society about potential hazards.

During the last years, I have been working very closely with meteorology to develop efficient visual analytics tasks that can help them to make rapid decisions. Some of the efforts on short-term and probabilistic forecasting are already published, and others are ongoing projects, such as the case of Visual Analytics for Nowcasting.


 One of the next big scientific challenges that I want to tackle is how to process and make use of citizen data, which are heterogeneous, vague, and noisy, but yet a very valuable source of information. In particular, a big challenge that I want to tackle is the research and development of tools to help in the understanding and quantification of the uncertainty of citizen data, for the particular use in scientific models coming from meteorology.



During my ten years of work in academia, I have the honor to collaborate with colleagues from different continents and areas of expertise. Here there are some very nice pictures, some of their names are on my publications, and all of their names are deeply written in my heart.

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